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TellHappyStar – Are you one of those who loves to visit Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s? If yes, you will be amazed by hearing this amazing news.

Take Tell Happy Star Survey

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have started their customer satisfaction survey where they are giving all of you a beautiful chance to share your thoughts and share your last experience. They are also giving an amazing opportunity to win some amazing rewards.


The company wants to grow and to grow you a company should understand its customers and the customer satisfaction survey does that thing. In this era, we all seek out the best services.

As a result, service providers develop server options that let customers choose the services they want. Everyone has heard of the Carl and Hardee food chain. They are one of the best American food chains and provide the best service.

The survey is not very difficult to complete. All you have to do is follow all the given rules and follow all the instructions given in this article. If you do all this you are good to go.

So, let’s not waste any more time, and let’s get started.

Take Tell Happy Star Survey

Steps to participate in the TellHappyStar survey

Tell happy stars Survey

  1. To begin, you must have a recent valid Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s purchase receipt. To participate in the Carl’s Jr.R and Hardee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey ( Receipt Survey), go to the survey’s official website by clicking the above button.
  2. To open the survey, select your favorite language and fill in the store number, date, and time as shown on your receipt before clicking the “START” button.
  3. You’ll be asked a series of questions about Carl Jr. and Hardee’s experiences. Please respond honestly, as this will aid the company’s improvement.
  4. After you’ve finished answering the questions, enter your contact information and complete the survey form.
  5. You will now be given a validation code; carefully write it down on your purchase receipt in the space provided, and redeem it at a future Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s location.
  6. Note that the code is only suitable for 30 days after you receive it.

Take Tell Happy Star Survey

Rewards of the TellHappyStar survey

One completed the survey successfully. You will be eligible for a free meal at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. You will be given a code to use to redeem this offer.

After you receive the code, it will remain valid for thirty days. You will also be eligible to win a $1,000 gift card. By giving this handsome reward the companies show the importance to their customers. So, do participate

Rules and regulations of the TellHappyStar survey

Make sure to follow all the rules and regulations to complete the survey without any problem.

  • To partake in the TellHappyStar survey, you must be capable of communicating in either English or Spanish.
  • To be qualified to enroll in the sweepstakes, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Since the TellHappyStar reward can only be won online, you’ll need a fast internet connection as well as a computer or smartphone.
  • Your responses must be based on your interactions with the outlet. The evaluators will quickly reject any fake or conflicting options.
  • You must be a US citizen who has recently visited a Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s restaurant.
  • Employees of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, as well as CKE Holdings as a whole, will not be able to join in the TellHappyStar survey. Their immediate family members are in the same boat. CKE promoters and investors are also barred.
  • Those who do not have a valid receipt from one of the participating restaurants cannot participate in the contest. In addition, your ticket should not be older than seven days.
  • Any freebies you receive after completing the TellHappyStar survey must be used within 30 days. After that, it is against the law to exchange them for cash.
  • If you are blessed enough to win the $1000 cash prize, you cannot transfer it to another person.

Take Tell Happy Star Survey

Aim for conducting to TellHappyStar survey

For a company, a survey is a very important part of their company because the survey can help you understand the value of your customer’s opinions and help you understand your position.

The company aims to understand their customers’ likes and dislikes so that in the future they can provide you with better services.

Take Tell Happy Star Survey

Background of the TellHappyStar survey

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are two distinct fast-food franchises. However, the same company, CKE Restaurants, owns all of them. Carl and Margaret Karcher established Carl’s Jr., a fast-food restaurant, in 1941.

It has offices all over the United States and Canada, with its headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee. By introducing new menu items like the sweet and spicy chicken biscuit, Hardee’s is reclaiming its Southern roots.

Additionally, new products have been introduced by Carl’s Jr., such as vegan beyond-meat burgers and western fries. Although they both offer thick burgers, homemade biscuits, and the same happy star logo on their menus, they have begun to set themselves apart.

Take Tell Happy Star Survey

Frequently asked questions: FAQs of TellHappyStar

Does Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s offer any rewards for their customer survey?

Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s are conducting an online survey for their valuable clients to review their services and administration online. There is an online survey available for this purpose at the TellHappyStar survey.

The rewards for completing this survey are offered by both of these fast-food organizations. This may include various discounted food items and sometimes free meals as a reward for completing the survey. Usually, they give free small hash rounds, free fries, or free small drinks.

What is TellHappyStar Survey?

Tellhappystar is an online survey for both Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s. This survey includes various questions related to these business organizations to get customer feedback and review the performance of their work.

With the help of this survey, clients can help to review their services, environment, and other things and also give positive feedback.

Take Tell Happy Star Survey

Is Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr a good brand?

Hardee’s and Carl’s are some of the most famous restaurant chains spread in America to serve millions of customers. They provide quality food and services to the customers with a fresh item menu and quality service, and they also survey to get responses and improve their services to be better.

Take Tell Happy Star Survey

Conclusion About Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Survey

I hope you comprehended Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Customer Satisfaction Survey in its entirety. This survey is open to all legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old and can be found at

To receive free food from Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s, complete the survey right away.

Thank you for reading up here. I appreciate it. I have tried my best to make you understand this article, I hope you didn’t find any difficulty understanding it.

Have a nice day.

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